Poker is a game to be enjoyed by everyone. It can be played for fun with friends at home, as a tool for learning and increasing skills, or as a profession.

It can be played online free or by paying small amount. You can play online tournaments around the world by satellite entries. Or you can also play by paying the more and more amount anywhere. All this you can do with a laptop, phone, computer desktop or tablet. While playing online you can get the finest seat in poker table, regardless of your experience or you are playing for first time.

Online poker

There are over 100 millionĀ pokerace99 players online playing worldwide and it is still growing in near countries.

Steps you need to know before playing online poker.

  1. Intro to online poker

It is simply the traditional poker card game played online on the internet. There are varieties of poker games and stakes available on the internet worldwide.

The rules of poker remain identical, whether its online poker or live poker. There is a slight difference between the two. First, online poker is less risky, and more faster amd accessible at any time anywhere. Second, as compared to live poker you can see and tell easily about who is bluffing, but in online poker you can also get to know about who is bluffing but it’s a quite tough job.

The online poker game is popular because its easily accessible anytime and anywhere. And the main reason for its popularity is winning real money.

  1. Getting started with online poker

There is not much requirement for playing online poker. You just need a laptop or any other device which is connected to internet. These days there are many real poker money apps on smart devices on which you can play on the go. These include android devices, apple iphones, and pads.

Money is also not a necessary requirement. You can start by playing free money online poker. Many people deposit 50 dollars to 100 dollars and can continue playing for a very long time.

How to play online poker?

First step is to download the online poker software from any site you can choose. It will be downloaded in few seconds and would not take more memory.

So this is how online poker game is played. It is as same as live poker. But because it is online poker game then it would be quite different.

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