Cricket has vast followers across the globe. The growth of the game sprouted from the five-day international test matches. The grand spectacle these matches brought years ago is still the same as today or even more. This archaic game now boasts a dose of glitz and glamor due to its several changes. Cricket now has one-day matches, Twenty20, and a lucrative Indian Premier League. Its popularity grew even more and led to bettors becoming interested in the sport.

Online cricket betting needs proper research like most sports betting. There are things you should consider before you place your wager. Here are some tips if you want to win.

The result of the toss

The decision on whether to bat first or second depends on the result of the pre-match coin toss. This decision can affect the result of the game. Most teams prefer to bat first when the terrain is still smooth. The wicket will endure wear and tear over the course of the game. A worn and scuffed wicket will only favor the bowlers. It is best to wait for the result of the coin toss before you place your wager. Stick with your analysis but bet a lower stake when your side loses the toss. Increase your stake if the toss favors your side.

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The weather forecast

This factor is often overlooked by beginner bettors. It is very crucial when betting on shorter formats. The weather forecast sometimes shortens games. Most bettors prefer to support the team batting second in this case. The shortened cricket match uses a complex mathematical formula to get the result. The Duckworth-Lewis method uses the total runs a team scored up to the point the match gets abandoned. It ends with a prediction of what their final total would have been if the game was not stopped. The team batting second will find this favorable. They can calculate the sum they need at the end for every over until the rain arrives. This will let them adjust their strategy.

The ground

The characteristics of the grounds in every game can be very different. There are wickets that respond well to spin. Others seem not to turn at all. There are slow tracks while some are quick and bouncy. Assess whether the ground will favor the side you prefer.

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